Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Blockheads Week #48

I can't believe it's over! When the six of us gathered in the Moda booth at market more than 18 months ago to hatch a plan for a "dark side" block-of-the-week, 48 weeks of blocks sounded like forever! It's gone by in a blink. I've loved every week of each designer's blog posts and all the wonderful quilters who've shared their blocks on Facebook. Your response has blown me away! Thank you, thank you, to all my new Blockhead friends. Let's stay in touch.

Block #48 - Honeymoon by Carrie Nelson
This week's block comes to us from our Moda connection, Carrie (alias, Miss Rosie). Her blocks for this series have been fun to make and interesting to see in their various color interpretations. Kathy and Joy were of one mind this week, choosing to fussy cut Christmas prints and mix them with other KT fabrics. I appreciate both of them for making all 48 blocks - one traditionally pieced (Kathy) and the other made with my Layered Patchwork technique (Joy).

Click HERE to find Carrie's blog and the instructions for Honeymoon.

Click HERE to find my KT Layered Patchwork instructions. 


Since we're sharing settings, 'fess up. Is your quilt finished? Or do you just have blocks and a plan?

If you could see me now, I would be laughing hysterically, wondering where 2017 went. Do I have a finished quilt? HA! I have a beautiful pile of blocks. Do I have a plan? Of course. Want to see?

I opted for an on point setting. Actually, Joy came up with the idea, but didn't know what to do with her straight set applique blocks. We collaborated on this design to highlight all the blocks. I really like the pieced blocks on point with setting squares between them. It adds a color plan so I won't have to remake blocks for a more scrappy overall look. I think Jan's blocks will shine set apart in the gold border. Love 'em. I'll need to make a few extra pieced blocks - 2 for the center and 4 for the corners. I chose to use 6 different fabrics for each color of the setting squares - 6 blacks, 6 greens, 6 golds, 6 purples and 6 navys, along with 6 reds for the setting triangles. I'll have plenty of leftovers to make the scrappy border. The quilt finishes 112" square - a really great size for king or queen beds. I can't wait to sleep under my Blockheads quilt, dreaming of quilters and 6" blocks. Is that weird???

I can't wait to see how all of you are planning to finish your quilts. Keep following & posting on the Blockheads FB page. You don't want to miss some exciting news coming soon. Stay tuned...


  1. Wow! What a finish. Thanks for sharing all your time & talents each week.It's been so much fun to see what each designer came up with. I may still make a scrappy version of my own. Time will tell.

  2. Thank you Lynn for all the extra work you put in to your layered option of the blockheads each week. After finishing the "Five and Dime" quilt I am working on, I will be starting this quilt. Do you plan on posting an actual pattern for your finish of the Blockheads? As a quilter that is not so skilled on math, etc. I would appreciate your help with this. Thank you.

  3. Fantastic. It has been quite a ride and I have enjoyed following along each week. I love your setting option.


  4. Beautiful blocks and setting option! Thank you so much for all of your time and tips!

  5. Very nice, Lynne. Thanks for all of your blocks during this BH ride!

  6. I have only been collecting patterns. I hope to get to it soon. You know how it is!! Thanks for all your hard work and your helpers!

  7. Thanks for all the blocks. I hope you are sharing your layout soon! Looks great.

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