Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Moda Blockheads II - Block #29

Block #29 - Courthouse Step by Carrie Nelson

Happy Halloween! We're off to Fall Market in Houston for a weekend of work/play with our fellow Moda designers. Don't miss a single week of Blockheads II. Go to the link below on the Moda Cutting Table blog for all the blocks so far.

This week, Carrie brings us a traditional block that's great for perfecting your 1/4" seam allowance. I'm often asked in classes how to find the "sweet spot" when piecing seams using a 1/4" foot. Is the edge of the fabric lined up with the edge of the foot? Just under the foot? Just peeking out from under the foot? I think we all see it a little differently. Do you usually trim after each round of strips on a log cabin or courthouse steps block? When pieced with your 1/4" foot in the sweet spot, there should be no need for trimming. This 6" block is so easy, it's worth making a couple to practice until you nail it.

Find Carrie's #29 - Courthouse Step block HERE.

Watch for our KT November Special Tomorrow!

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  1. Well glory be! It only took three clicks to find and print this weeks block.