Tuesday, June 30, 2020

20 Years of KTQ BOM Week #12

Week #12 - Spools

This week's block is one of my new favorites. I've used it in the BOM, on a pincushion and charm quilt. It's a fun block to piece. The only tricky part? The tiny connecting corners on the top and bottom of the spool. If you use the connecting corners guide in the BOM instructions, there's nothing tricky about it. It's all about precise marking, stitching and pressing.

Here's the page I've included with several of my patterns, including the BOM, on how I cut & piece half square triangles (HST) and connecting corners (CC). Find the printable version HERE.

Here are the Basics -
1. Mark the diagonal line carefully from point to point. The smaller the square, the more important it is to mark accurately.

2. Stitch on the drawn line; fold square toward corner to test for accuracy. If the triangle point is a bit short (doesn't match up to the background rectangle corner), stitch a thread's width inside the drawn line toward the corner for a better fit.

3. Trim the background and square seam allowances to 1/4". Press seams open for less bulk.

4. Assemble the spool block.

That's all there is to it! For more scrappy spool inspiration, I pieced 1/4" strips for the "thread" center in a couple of other projects. Sew What is a charm quilt that features scrappy spools and a single tomato pincushion for fun.

Sew What - Find it HERE

If you have the 20 Years of KTQ BOM pattern packet, you should be receiving the bonus pattern A Few Little Extras with the Spool Pincushion and two pillows.

A Few Little Extras - Find it HERE

And finally, introducing a new KT booklet, Stick a Pin in It, with a dozen adorable seasonal pincushions, coming in July.

Stick a Pin in It - Coming Soon

This booklet includes the tomato pincushion, a strippy flag, pumpkin, flying geese, flower, basket, star, candy cane Christmas and this spool pincushion, inspired by the original spool block in the BOM quilt. Each one takes about an hour to make and are great bowl fillers or gifts for sewing friends. Watch for Stick a Pin in It right here in a couple weeks.

All Wound Up Pincushion in Stick a Pin in It Booklet

See you on July 15th for the next 20 Years of KTQ BOM block. Happy Summer!


  1. these are all wonderful. i love the pincushion among the spools. quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  2. How fun! Loving on those pincushions!

  3. Love bbn the pincushions!! I'll be looking for those.

    1. We'll have the booklet available on our website next week.

  4. I've never used a honey bun. I love the pin cushion book!!!

  5. So glad you like it. It was fun to put together.

  6. I do like honey buns and I made a log cabin quilt a few years back with a couple of KT Favorites II honey buns! Love those pin cushions too!

    1. Thanks! We're hosting a Pincushion a Month Club beginning in September, if you're interested.