Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quilting Treats in Lodi, WI

We played nicely with about 30 ladies from Lodi Monday evening and Tuesday where they worked on mini table treats quilts. Most skipped away from the class just 4hours later with a finished project. Nicely done!

On our way to our retreat at the 2nd Story above Country Sampler Quilt Shop in Spring Green, WI (awesome,btw) we saw another quilt block on a barn- very cool!

No service at the retreat, so we'll delay this week's Charming Thursday until next week. Don't miss my first baby collection, Lucy's Feather Bed. Lois and I plan to stitch, stitch, stitch while we're technically unavailable to family - a truly quiet vacation.

See you next week!

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  1. I wish they painted quilt blocks on the barns here in Utah - they look so awesome!

  2. What a wonderful time you have planned ... enjoy!

  3. I've been seeing more and more barn quilts around. I'm not sure if I'm just *noticing* more or if there *are* more going up. Regardless, they are beautiful, arent' they. Enjoy your "piece-ful" time away. ;)

  4. love seeing painted quilts on the side of buildings! looks like you all are having fun!

  5. Colorado has a great amount of Barn Quilts, and they aren't always on barns! Enjoy your time! Sheila