Tuesday, March 12, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop Countdown

10 Days & Counting...

We'll offer kits for my wool table toppers, candle mats and sewing rolls along with wool and cotton pincushions. They're exclusive to KT Bernina Quilt Shop - you can only get them here! Now we just need to finish packaging them. 

How do you like the carpet? I love that it's a quilt pattern! The carpet tiles were so easy to install - just lay them down in the pattern you desire and trim around the edges. (Sure, it sounds easy when Robert is doing most of the work!) See you tomorrow.


  1. Very pretty.... love the wool kits!

  2. This is like my dream store! There are no stores even close to this here. You need to open a chain of these shops!

  3. Wonderful wool pieces, I have a few for christmas that I want to do before next year, lol. I have seen that new carpet, sounds like a fun idea.


  4. The build up must be so exciting for you...and a lot of work. I work at a local quilt shop and we had to move our shop after being devastated by Hurricane Sandy so I know the hard work...but I also know the excitement! I wish you all the best and I wish I lived closer!!!!