Friday, March 8, 2013

KT Bernina Quilt Shop & Emporium Countdown

Only 14 Days to Go - March 22nd!

We're clearing out my stash of KT fabrics - including my favorite Farmyard Friends baby collection. Many of the vintage children's toys, high chairs, baby beds and dishes will also be looking for new homes. First come, first pick!


  1. Replies
    1. There should be a re-release of the Farmyard Friends line. I've never seen that fabric. It is adorable! Best of luck on your opening--I hope to get out that way this summer.

  2. Are the items for sale now Lynn or when you open shop?

    1. I soooo wish we were ready for customers! We've had several anxious quilters stop in to say "Hi", but no sales yet. See you on the 22nd - or for our Grand Opening on April 26-28th!

  3. That is adorable, love the wonderful prints they have for kids and babies. I have been starting to make charity quilts and we are expecting our first grandchild this spring, so enjoying seeing what is available.


  4. yummiest.Less days to the Big day!