Monday, September 26, 2011

Butterfly Garden Charm Winner

The Winner(s) of this week's charm pack and pattern is (are) P B but no J. Congrats to both of you. Welcome to you and all the newcomers to the KT Blog. FRom several of the comments here, I feel I need to clarify that Butterfly Garden is a couple years old- Cattails is the newest fabric line. We're counting down to the latest KT collection in just a few short weeks, then ending the year with a huge finale of over 1200 charm squares!

Robert and I just spent a lovely weekend in CO checking out the new IKEA, antiquing, and visiting our dear friends, Chuck and Connie Huddleson (The Little Wool Shoppe) in Windsor, CO. I should have taKen a few pictures of somE of the cool stuff we saw and the tasty treats we found, but I promised R this would be a non-KT trip and restrained myself. It made for a very relaxing Weekend.

Still a whole week of the ModaBlogHop to go. Not too late to enter for some cool loot!


  1. Oooo I love IKEA!! So many fun things to explore :-)

  2. IKEA. Sigh.
    And congrats to the winner!!!

  3. I'm going to Denver on Friday. I was told the weather is cold and to bring warm clothes. I'm still wearing shorts here in New York state.What do I pack?

  4. It doesn't really matter if a design of yours is a couple of years old - they're still beautiful.
    I haven't seen Cattails yet but I know it will be great!

  5. Ikea is so a great I need to convince my hub to paint it for the porch.
    Congrats to the winner this week and thanks for the opportunities, your fabrics are wonderful!

  6. Any hints what your new patterns are going to look like?