Monday, September 12, 2011

Kansas Winter Winner

Kansas Winter Winner - say that 5 times fast! Anyway, the winner is Labbiegirl. Congrats to you and thanks for commenting. Send your mailing address and we'll send your goodies in the mail.

Yesterday was busy so I didn't get around to checking my blog reading list until late last night. If you haven't read Kate Spain's blog post with the haunting and stirring 9/11 poem, it's not too late. The event is one our country will not soon forget, remembered for it's horrors and heroes. Makes you proud to be an American.

Today's Moda Country Fair featured Designers are Laurie Simpson and Polly Minick  of Minick & Simpson. Laurie's blog posts are always entertaining and their patriotic-themed fabric is apropo considering the recent 9/11 10-year anniversay. I collect Moda designers' charm packs as I travel and visit quilt shops across the country, but often splurge and buy a Layer Cake or Jelly Roll of their collections to make myself a quilt for my July 5th birthday.

Check in with Sandy Klop tomorrow to see what's new in her colorful world.

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  1. Lynne, are you going to sell the puzzle quilt as a kit? I'd like to get a couple of the. I Bought your Cattails and Clover. It is stunning! I love the line. My granddaughter saw it and wanted me to take back her to the quilt shop. At 10 , she's interested in anything fabric related (if she gets to pick the fabric)

    Thanks so much!